Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's a Work in Progress Part 2

Sorry I've been ignoring my blog lately. It 's the end of summer vacation for my kids, and every day I hear, "What are we going to do today? I'm bored!" So, being the amazing mother that I am, I've been entertaining my children during the last few days of their freedom.

If you read my last post, you saw that I'm a bit ADD when it comes to my crochet. Well, the saga continues...

These are the newest projects that I have started and have yet to finish. I know...I have issues.

Let me break down my latest projects for you:

These two pieces of colorful goodness are going to be a fabulous pillow someday.

I had always wanted to try the log cabin pattern, so I thought a pillow would be a quick and easy way to try it out. I love the bright colors!

I wanted something a bit different for the back, so I went with a traditional granny square. I love the color combination so much in this granny square, I may have to revisit it someday in the form of a blanket. (That's all I need...another project to start)

Now that I have a few unfinished pillows that just need insides, I'm hoping to drag out the sewing machine this next week and get them finished!

I also started on a few of these lovely squares. They have a dream to some day become a blanket...

I'm hoping to make their dream come true some day!

As I was making the granny square for my pillow, I realized that I had never tried granny stripes. Well, that did it, I had to get started right away!

I'm making it in the colors of my daughter's room, so I'm hoping that some day it will grace the end of her bed. (She'll probably have changed the colors of her room by then.)

This next bit of gorgeousness is one I worked on earlier in the summer. Actually, I had made the hexagons several months ago. (What a surprise!) I came across a pattern from Lion Brand for a cute hexagon bag one day, and had an "Aha!" moment. I remembered my poor, neglected hexagons, sitting quietly in a closet, and told them that it was their time to shine!

The bag was really easy to put together, just a bit time consuming.
I'm thinking it needs some sort of liner, but that's for another day...

Now that your hand is probably tired from scrolling this page for so long, I'll sign off for now.
But don't get me wrong...there is more...
There is always more...



  1. I love all your projects here, so colourful and cheerful! I share the love of granny square and stripes :)

  2. Thanks Hazel! Summer has brought out my inner rainbow :)